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....i tirrena n'amma spartiri, 'u palazzu i la Matina ...

Thus recited an old folk song of the Gelese partisans who claimed the inequalities of the ancienne regime at the turn of the century. Those cardinal-red rooms took on the connotations of a palace worthy of the most opulent pre-revolutionary Parisian courts of the ancienne regime, in the imagination of the people overcome by the misery of the Great War.

Today, the imagination leaves little room for the people of Gelato to relive the splendor of the courts of the late 1700s, thanks to an enterprise that sought to combine commerce with history and classical architecture. It is easy to get to know up close the places of the splendor of 18th-century Gela and the protagonists of this singular entrepreneurial adventure that today combines historical elements with postmodern tastes, just go to Palazzo Mattina and get to know its protagonists who move through the princely halls with respect and ease.

A family of merchants that of the Granvillano family that also wanted to give the population a glimpse of the city's history, in collecting the prestigious legacy of Palazzo Mattina. Located in the heart of Gela, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, just a few steps from Gela Cathedral, Palazzo Mattina was erected in the 18th century and renovated in the late 1800s by Rosa Drago, Mattina's widow, who imprinted her strong personality on it. Developed on two floors, the mansion of the aristocratic family is characterized by harmonious architectural elements in the interiors and in the Corso Vittorio Emanuele facade.

From the 1950s onward it began its long decline and exposure to the wear and tear of time for about half a century until the Granvillano family, taking it over, rescued it from neglect with a skilful recovery and restoration work carried out by artists recognized on the national scene, returning it to public enjoyment in a new guise, classical as it is in its natural vocation but also modern: a gallery of objects where the finest silverware, porcelain and glassware from leading companies in the sector find their proper place; where the jewelry of important Italian goldsmiths is exalted in its innate splendor. The spacious halls, the gilded stuccoes, the care taken in the furnishings, and the period furniture make the historical testimony of the Palace a monument of artistic importance according to the archives of the Sicilian Region.

Since 1985, the Granvillano family has been offering its customers the most varied items inherent in the field of Jewelry, Silverware , Watches, lighting, gifts, household goods, leather goods, wedding dresses. Today opens another page, that of devoting themselves to Ecommerce online in order to export their experience beyond the material boundaries and be able to relate with customers who may be based anywhere else in the world, offering in the same way as they already do daily at their physical company, the same professionalism, the best of the leading companies in the industry and the friendliness that distinguishes them through a dedicated customer service, certain that the customer will appreciate such virtues.

This setting that represents the history of Gela has already been the right one for the unforgettable moments in the life story of a part of the people of Gela who wanted to celebrate among these halls their moments of joy. A refined environment to host high fashion defilés and meetings. A story on the rise that of the Granvillano Family, which in more than thirty-five years of business welcomes its customers with the enthusiasm and humility of the early days but with the experience and refinement of taste gained over time.

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